TDS, today, has permeated in most functions of the business, which requires businesses to be extremely meticulous in compliance. With increased focus of the companies towards core areas of the business, an entrepreneur is not expected to indulge into day to day and routine function of TDS and its requirements. We help clients in devising compliance assurance systems and report thereto the management on periodic basis. This eases clients from routine requirements and gives them assurance of compliance.

With requirements of TDS/E-TDS going multifold, it is crucial that they are fully and timely met. Today, tax deduction is required to be done in respect of various payments like contract, commission, salary, professional fees, rent and a solitary instance of non-deduction results in entire expenditure qualifying for non-deduction under the tax laws. Today, TDS is fully applicable virtually to every entity except limited application to individuals and HUFs. The ambit of payments qualifying for tax deduction is wide; each having varying rates, varying ceilings and concept of aggregation brings in complexity. As regards salary, working is further tedious and cumbersome. This requires professional advice. Our clients may download last applicable reference TDS table.

Tax deduction is monthly/quarterly/yearly recurrent phenomenon. There is obligation to deduct, pay, issue certificate, and file E-TDS returns. All these have to be a perfect exercise without compromising and with full understanding of law. You can fully rely on our services of tax deduction. We also undertake filing E-TDS return for various set of clients.